Friday, April 10, 2009

Hundreds of dead fish surface in Amber Lake, Hyderabad

Hundreds of dead fish surface in Amber Lake
Staff Reporter
During Nizam’s rule lake meant for potable water
Death of fish due to lack of dissolved oxygen

Eco crisis?: Dead fish afloat on the shores of the lake on Friday.

HYDERABAD: The very mention of Amber Lake in Pragatinagar, Kukatpally reminds one of palatial villas, duplex apartments and plush independent houses.

But, the lake also known as Shamshiguda lake had transformed into an unusual sight for many residents since Wednesday as hundreds of dead fish were found floating along the shoreline of lake. The place was crammed with inquisitive locals, trying to glean reasons behind the phenomenon.

“It was really a pitiable sight. Even big fish were dead and floating. We request officials concerned to take necessary steps to address the problem,” said M. Sree Harshini, an assistant manager with an MNC and resident of Pragatinagar.


The lake served drinking water needs of people of Shamshiguda, Kukatpally and surrounding areas during erstwhile Nizam’s rule and now it became polluted owing dumping of industrial waste and sewerage and alleged official apathy to the problem.

Residents explained that they had never witnessed this phenomenon earlier. “It’s still a mystery to us as to how the fish died. Initially, we suspected that unidentified persons might have contaminated water with some chemical substance,” said a washerman T. Subba Rao of Sriramnagar Colony.

Environmentalists attributed the sudden death of fish to lack of dissolved oxygen so vital for survival of fish. Another factor would be effluents directly released from nearby industries and sewerage from colonies, into the lake.

“There are many reasons for fish deaths but exact causes can be ascertained only after testing water samples,” said environmentalist P. Anuradha Reddy.

Pragathinagar Grama Panchayat Upa Sarpanch Ch. Sudhir Reddy said, a representation was given to the Chief Minister two years ago requesting construction of a water treatment plant.

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Srinivas said...

On April 10,I've visited a friend at Pragati Nagar and shocked to see huge number of dead fish (In thousands) floating near the shore. It is really very disturbing to see this kind of eco murder.

I have found from Internet that the Pragati Nagar Panchayat is branded as ISO 9001 certified ( This is really surprIsing to see that nothing was done by the panchayat to stop release of toxic water into a lake.

Very soon, it will become another Hussain sagar of Hyderabad.

The citizens have to start the movement to Save the lakes in the City.

IT Professional