Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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This is a comment on the post about Nualgi on LinkedIn.


Subject: New comment (#1) on "Nualgi - Diatom Algae - Oxygen"

"This is the sort of new thinking we need to dig us out of this recession. We need to divert redundant resources into building new industries which replenish rather than poison the planet.

This could be a component of a larger scheme:

1. Instead of causing landfill sites to overflow, compost organic waste without air – to produce bio-gas (fuel) and fertiliser to put back on the land

2. Add local algae for more compost

3. Add sea minerals for richer land and immunity to even cancer

4. Do this, using marine algae, from the desert coasts to reclaim 75% of the world’s land to make all the world needs.

This will solve the fuel, food, nutrition & waste crisis in one go, taking excess carbon out of the air to reverse climate change, and enabling us to grow our economy working with Nature, rather than plundering or poisoning it."

Posted by Greg Peachey

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