Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lake Okeechobee Performance Measure Diatom / Cyanobacteria Ratio

Lake Okeechobee Performance Measure Diatom/Cyanobacteria Ratio

1.0 Desired Restoration Condition

The target is to substantially reduce the dominance of cyanobacteria relative to diatoms. This can be expressed as a numeric target of having a long-term pelagic ratio of biovolume (diatoms: cyanobacteria) greater than 1.5:1.

2.0 Justification
Studies of phytoplankton taxonomic structure of Lake Okeechobee in the 1970s indicated that the community was dominated by diatoms; today the community is dominated by pollution-tolerant bloom-forming cyanobacteria (Havens et al. 1996). The five-year mean diatom to cyanobacteria ratio for 2000-2005 was 0.63 (SFER, 2006).

This is one of the few projects that identify diatoms as the solution to improving water quality of a lake.

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