Monday, January 14, 2013

Algal bloom in River Torrens, Adelaide, Australia

Another algal bloom has occurred in the Torrens Lake less than a month after the State Government committed $1 million to fix the problem.
Outbreaks of blue green algae have become an annual occurrence in the lake as temperatures soar over summer.
Water Minister Paul Caica announced plans to release up to 40 megalitres a day into the lake to limit algal counts before they could reach problem levels in December.
That spending followed a $1.2 million trial by the Adelaide City Council to improve water quality last summer.
But the attempt failed because of pumping problems.
Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood says the water is now being tested daily and renewed efforts are under way to try to flush the algae out.
He says the Lake can remain open until two outbreaks have occurred.
"We're flowing water down the Torrens at the moment to flush out the Torrens and we're also doing a number of other treatments," he said.
"We're still learning, adapting and evolving but at this stage it's not officially closed until we get two separate outbreaks and at this stage it's looking okay."
Mr Yarwood says the latest bloom is not proof the council's program is failing.
"This is a really complicated system. This is about urban development, this is about people illegally dumping lawn clippings and things like that into the Torrens," he said.
"It's not just a council responsibility, it's not just a State Government responsibility. This is the community's responsibility.
"Algal blooms in the River Torrens are never a good outcome but we're certainly keen to work with the State Government and we'll continue to do trials to minimise the impacts."

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Why does this page have not statistics? This page needs a graph or a table. For the amount of Algae bloom every year.