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Green-India Product Showcase: Nualgi


Green-India Product Showcase: Nualgi

A Novel Solution for Waste Water Treatment

Science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke famously said: “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Nualgi  (pronounced as new-algae) is one such solution to the problem of waste water treatment.

All you have to do is just add Nualgi powder to the water body (lake, pond, etc.), no matter how polluted, and it will get to work within minutes. You can start to see the change within a matter of hours and after a few weeks, the water will be fit for use.

The table below describes how Nualgi is helpful in different contexts. More details follow the table.


Ponds, lakes, estuaries, back waters, rivers, even oceans

·         Discharge of untreated sewage into water bodies is a huge problem across India.
·         Causes formation of blue-green algaethat deplete dissolved oxygen (DO) and kill fish.
·         Pollution causes fishermen lose their livelihood and go elsewhere to find fish.
·         Reviving a large water body using conventional means requires massive amounts of energy.
·         Overfishing is another serious problem in coastal areas where fish stocks are depleted to unacceptably low levels.

·         Application of Nualgi powder in the water body causes growth of microscopic water plants that consume organic matter and release oxygen thus increasing dissolved oxygen.
·         Increase in DO level causes beneficial bacteria to bloom and foul smell, if any,stops within hours.
·         Within a few weeks, blue green algae disappears and fish and other aquatic life grows in a clean environment.
·         Nualgi needs to be applied periodicallyto maintain the DO level and fish yield.

Sewage treatment
·         Consumes scarce electricity resource that could be used by thousands of homes.
·         When electricity is unavailable diesel pumps are used causing pollution and increasing cost of treatment.

·         Nualgi application in sewage treatment plants reduces energy consumption.
·         Cost of Nualgi applied to raise DO level is less than cost of electricity consumed.
·         Nualgi can also treat sewage all by itself at places electricity is unavailable or expensive.

How does it work?
Nualgi powder contains micro nutrients on a nano silica base which triggers the growth of a particular type of phytoplankton called diatoms. Since only diatoms require silica they consume it and grow rapidly. Nualgi powder is taken in fine net bag and this is shaken in the water or the powder can be dissolved in a few litres of water and then added to water body. Nualgi spreads out into the entire lake and becomes available for consumption by the diatoms and these diatoms consume the organic wastes and produce oxygen. Increase of DO level in water facilitates the growth of aquatic species like aerobic bacteria, zooplankton, fishes etc. The diatoms are consumed by zooplanktons that in turn are food for fishes.

Is it a scientifically proven solution?
Nualgi is in use regular since 2005 and many tons have been used till date in aquaculture ponds and lakes. The contents of Nualgi as similar to those in f/2 media used in shrimp hatcheries to culture diatoms, however the use of Nano Silica is the new feature. Nano silica improves the delivery of micro nutrients to diatoms in a remarkable manner. Nano particles are available for consumption by the smallest diatoms, silica keeps the metals stable in water and it spreads out in a large water body so little mixing is necessary.
  • peer-reviewed paper  published in a scientific journal states that use of Nualgi "was found to significantly boost growth in [two diatom] species." Key finding was that Nualgi is about twice as good as conventional f/2 media.
  • A recent article in Nature (India) calls Nualgi, a ready-mix solution to global warming  due to its carbon sequestration potential.
  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) webpage on Nualgi Technology 
What is the dosage and how often does it need to be applied?
After Nualgi application the growth of diatoms is almost immediate - starting within minutes. Within a few hours, DO increase is measurable. Diatom bloom continues as long as the nutrient lasts.

The normal dosage is one kilogram in one surface acre of pond once a week. The dosage can be increased or decreased depending on the nutrient level, DO level, number of fish, etc. The increase in fish weight due to the consumption of the diatoms would be at least 10 kilogram. Thus Nualgi is very economical.

For sewage treatment the dosage is one kilogram per million litres of sewage. 1 kg of Nualgi causes bloom of at least 100 kilogram of Diatoms and these give at least 100 kilogram of oxygen.

What are the other applications of Nualgi apart from water bodies?
Another version of Nualgi is used as a Foliar Spray in agriculture  and horticulture. The nano silica with micro nutrients are easily absorbed by plants through the leaves. Silica improves the health of plants and improves their pest resistance. The Micronutrients prevent nutrient deficiencies.  

Can you name some of the customers ?
Karnataka Fisheries, Ashok Leyland Ltd, JSW Steels Ltd, etc., are some of the customers.

Can I become a distributor / retailer?
The advertiser would like to appoint distributors and retailers all over the world.

Whom do I contact for more information?
MV Bhaskar
Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad. India.
Email - nualgi@gmail.com ;  Cell - 92465 08213 ; www.nualgi.com/new 

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