Saturday, March 3, 2012

O2 Dropping Faster than CO2 Rising

Implications for Climate Change Policies

New research shows oxygen depletion in the atmosphere accelerating since 2003, coinciding with the biofuels boom; climate policies that focus exclusively on carbon sequestration could be disastrous for all oxygen-breathing organisms including humans Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

"First, O2 is there principally because of carbon storage time,its rate of drop currently is ~10 ppm, but it could well swing further downwards."

CO2 increase is just 1.8 ppm per annum.

Therefore reducing the decline in O2 by 50% to 5 ppm per annum using photosynthesis will stop the increase in CO2 level of atmosphere.

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Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog post. I will read up on diatoms. Thanks for the information.