Friday, August 13, 2010

Grand Lake, Ohio - Update

Sand to be used as a silica source in Grand Lake, Ohio

Marysville company to begin Grand Lake project

Written by NANCY ALLEN, Celina Daily Standard
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 19:39

GRAND LAKE — A Marysville-based company will conduct a test this month in a 21 D2-acre part of Grand Lake to see if a beneficial algae species can be encouraged to grow and replace the toxic blue-green algae now dominant.

Ross Youngs, CEO of Algaeventure Systems Inc., explained the test during Saturday’s meeting of the nonprofit Lake Improvement Association (LIA).

The test site will be between the Celina Rotary lighthouse and a rock jetty.

The process, called species flipping, is one of the solutions to help restore the lake Gov. Strickland and state leaders announced during a local news conference July 30. The test will involve adding silica (sand) to the lake to encourage the growth of diatom algae that need silica to make their glass cell walls.

In nature sand is the source of silica for diatoms.
however merely putting sand will not be useful, a small bloom of Diatoms will take place but this is unpredictable.
Diatoms require very fine particles of silica, that can enter through the pores in their shells.
That is why dissolved silica or nano silica is required.

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