Monday, July 26, 2010

Great photos of Diatomaceous Earth

Great photos of Diatomaceous Earth by Ms. Alisha V

Some of the Many of Uses of DE
Diatomaceous earth has an incredible number of uses. It's a popular and safe bug killer; a great way to dry out areas that are chronically damp; ingested, it is considered a health aid; and is one of the most common ingredients in swimming pool filters. Some of the other many uses of DE are listed here, though this list is no where near all inclusive.
Abrasive in Toothpaste
Dynamite Base
Safe Insecticide
Garden Enrichment
Cake Mix Ingredient
Supplement in Livestock Feed
Ingredient for Odor Control in Horse Bedding
Swimming Pool Filter Material
Abrasive in Metal Polish
Cat Litter Ingredient
Animal Wormer
Colon Cleanser
Bonsai Soil Additive
Human Food Additive
Human Health Supplement
Protectant for Stored Grain
Activator in blood clotting studies

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