Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Xiamen's Yundang Lake - Diatom bloom

Xiamen's Yundang Lake becomes smelly due to red tide

Updated: 24 Jun 2010
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The bad smell of Yundang Lake, this unique lagoon in Xiamen
seems to be a chronic illness especially in summer
Recently Xiamens Yundang Lake has become smelly again due to the red tide. The nearby residents have to close their windows because of the undesirable odour, reports Xiamen Daily.
Red tide is a term often used to describe harmful algal bloom. The Skeletonema costatu (one kind of diatom) is the cause of this red tide in Yundang Lake. The proliferated diatoms have tinted the water of Yundang Lake to a reddish colour.
The staff of Yundang Lakes Management Centre said: As weather warms up, the micro-organisms at the bottom of the lake become active and generate a great quantity of gas with afoul odour. The increasing micro-organic activities will bring up the ooze, which will intensify the bad smell.
To solve this problem, the Management Centre has taken many effective measures to deodorizethe lake, including the installation of odour control facilities, the use of automatic aerators and biologicals. Another frequently-used way is to eliminate the diatom oozes.
After long-term purification, the frequency of the red tide has become much lower this year, according to the Management Centre.


Lake seems to be dominated by only 1 specie of diatom.
Presence of fish in the lake is not mentioned in the article above.

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