Thursday, April 15, 2010

Manage cyanobacterial blooms using adapted Bacillus cereus

Controlling Algal Bloom

Exact and permanent solution for toxic algal-bloom by organic way.

Manage cyanobacterial blooms easily by using adapted Bacillus cereus without any environmental damage.

Adapted Bacillus cereus is capable of lysing cyanobacterial cells.
Bacillius cereus produce nontoxic substances for against microalgae microcystis.

Required strain for each 1 m3 water - 0,02ml

1800 USD per 100 ml
Thus cost for 1 million liters is $ 360.

Nualgi required for 1 million liters is 1 kg - $ 10.

Bacillus cereus only kills the cyanobacteria and will not deal with the N and P in the water, hence the cyanobacteria may again bloom after a few weeks.

Diatoms will consume the N and P and hence is a permanent solution.

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