Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fish Kills in Queensland, Australia

Summer has set in in Queensland, Australia and fish kills too have started to take place.

A few reported so far -

Fish kill in Beachmere, north of Brisbane.

"There is a very high water temperature at a shallow depth of the lake - it's not very well shaded, it's not flushed, [there are] low dissolved oxygen levels in the lake and this is all contributing to this fishkill," he said. "

Beachmere fish kill Update -

Dundowarn Lagoon fish kill north of Brisbane.

Burrum Heads Fish Kill -
The Queensland Government says low oxygen levels in a lake seem to be the cause of another fish kill on the Fraser Coast.

Moneys Creek fish kill near Bundaberg.
"The chairman of the Moneys Creek Rehabilitation group, Mike Rennie, says the fish kill has been caused by an algae bloom."

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