Friday, November 28, 2008

Use of Algae in Wastewater Treatment

Another technology that uses Green Algae in Wastewater Treatment.

Product Development History. In 1995 Mr. Christopher Limcaco, began development of the algaewheel® technology because of his passion for aquatic life. His mission was to develop a filtration system that would allow him to completely recreate a natural environment within his aquarium. The system that was developed proved tremendously effective in achieving a naturally balanced eco-environment and the aquatic life within the aquarium thrived. Mr. Limcaco patented the technology and developed the manufacturing and shipping processes for the commercial distribution of algaewheel treatment systems through a company called Aquatic Engineers, Inc. In 2003 this technology was licensed to a firm now known as Aquariums By Design, and this company continues to provide service for hobby applications in the marine and tropical fish industry.

How it WorksThe technology was initially developed for use as an aquatic life support system in mariculture and aquaculture systems. The advantage of the algaewheel is in its name; it provides the proper environment for algal growth. Wave surging and light pulsing are basic environmental conditions required for algae growth and these are provided through the patented design. The wheel is designed to be significantly buoyant in water, requires no mechanical drive mechanism, and is rotated using a constant air flow. Each wheel is supported in water using a modular plastic grid system. The wheel and all components are made of UV stabilized reprocessed plastics, are lightweight, modular, easily assembled in the field, and corrosion proof.


Why use Green Algae when Diatoms can do a better job?

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