Saturday, October 4, 2008


Sewage treatment

Diatom growth in sewage will increase the dissolved oxygen level.

This is an alternative to the mechanical aeration used in wastewater treatment plants / sewage treatment plants.

Lake restoration

Lakes polluted with sewage and other organic matter can be cleanup.

Diatom growth will increase the dissolved oxygen level and thus enable the aerobic bacteria to thrive and breakdown the organics into base constituents.

Harmful bacteria like Green Algae and Blue Green Algae will die out. Fish population will increase and this further helps keep the lake clean.

Prevent Fish Kills

The most common reason for mass fish kill is the drop in dissolved oxygen level in the waterbody, this can be prevented by use of Nualgi.

If fish kill is a seasonal phenomenon (spring in USA and Monsoon in India) Nualgi can be used during the problematic period.

Prevent Red Tides

Red tides occur in oceans due to bloom of Dinoflagellates.

This can be prevented by increasing the population of diatom algae in the water.

Fish food

Diatoms are at the base of the food chain.

This can be used to increase population of Zooplankton in aquariums, fish farms, lakes and oceans to increase the food availability of food.

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